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Nike Zoom Kobe V ‘Chaos’ – Lime Green / Black

   Description and Detailed Pictures

Nike Zoom Kobe V 'Chaos' - Lime Green / Black Nike Zoom Kobe V 'Chaos' - Lime Green / Black Nike Zoom Kobe V 'Chaos' - Lime Green / Black
Nike Zoom Kobe V ‘Chaos’ – Lime Green / Black Nike Zoom Kobe V ‘Chaos’ – Lime Green / Black

Pictured here, the Nike Zoom Kobe V that we previewed for you last month can easily be described for you by anyone as a rather “chaotic” shoe because of its use and mix of colors. If you are one of these people who fell in love with the model then Getniceshoes would like to let you know that the wait will soon be over! Our sources tell us that FootLockers and House of Hoops reps nationwide will have these available on December 26th, 2009. Layered with a white leather cross side and a matching white sole, this Nike Zoom Kobe V ‘Chaos’ sneaker features a red spackling on the midsole portion, and bright yellow lower soles that make the white stand out. Another cool feature of this Nike Zoom Kobe V ‘Chaos’ – Lime Green / Black shoe is how they used a chameleon styled upper on the rest of the shoe that changes color according to the light in which you see it under - from one view it could appear to be navy blue, and deep purple from another. A lime green swoosh on the side panels completes the idea behind this sneaker pair and brings it home. What’s your take on this colorway? Let us know what you think while we wait for the official debut date.

More about Nike Zoom Kobe V ‘Chaos’ – Lime Green / Black will be continued.

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